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The Quingo Sport is no longer being manufactured

The Quingo Sport is intended for occasional indoor use and for outdoor pavement use and rougher surfaces at 4mph. It is also capable of road use at up to 8mph.

It is ideal for short/medium/longer journeys, visiting friends, shops, shopping centres or just out and about. It can also be transported in most standard estate sized cars.

The Quingo Sport delivers extra power, range and carrying capacity to provide users with the ultimate personal mobility vehicle. The 8mph, 650 watt motor powered by a160 Amp controller and 2 x 73Ah sealed lead batteries allow for a range of up to 42 miles on a single charge.

Quingo Sport Comfort Seat – The comfort plus extra wide seat is the most accommodating of all. This two-tone foldable deep padded extra wide seat provides width & height adjustable, flip up armrests, seat height adjustment and a full 90 degree swivel mechanism for easy on/ off access.

Quintell Smart Bumper – Standard on the Quingo Sport, the Quintell Smart Bumper is a spring loaded chrome plated steel shield for the unexpected. On impact the bumper cleverly folds upwards, not only absorbing the shock but also acting as an emergency brake on the front centre wheel.

Lockable Security Box – When you want to travel with peace of mind, knowing that you can lock up your valuables is a real benefit. This twin hinged, lockable, ABS security box comes as standard on the Quingo Sport but can be replaced by a removable shopping basket on request.

Quingo 12v Power System – Every Quingo Sport houses a 12 volt power outlet socket which can be used to power any standard 12 volt accessories. This may include a satelite navigation system, a torch or the optional Quingo heated handle bar grips.